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An experienced public servant with over  8 years of experience, Andre Sandford understands the needs of his community and will work to make an impact in public safety, education, & economic development that will make District 18 a great place to live, work & raise your family. A vote for Andre Sandford is a vote for change.


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Hello, I'm Andre Sandford
With over eight years of social services and leadership experience, I am passionate about giving back to the community and providing services to the most vulnerable. Also, I have a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies with a concentration in Criminal Justice and a Master of Behavioral Sciences from Jacksonville State University. I am a Program Manager for Housing and Homelessness Prevention for a non-profit in San Francisco. Recently, my family and I experienced a traumatic incident in Oakland with our one-year-old son. This event inspired me to start a conversation about safety and create positive change in District 18.






I am committed to making District 18 a safer place to live, work, and raise a family. Through my experience in public service, I will address public safety issues. California leads the nation with a crime rate of 24% higher than the national average. According to the PPIC, "California's Violent crime rate is Diverging from the National Trend, due mainly to a 25% increase in aggravated assaults from 2019 to 2022. Even though our crime rate is high, state officials continue to prevent citizens from exercising their Second Amendment right to bear arms. Once elected, I will ensure that citizens can lawfully defend themselves from individuals trying to harm them and their families. I want to restore funding to policing and ensure officers have all the tools and training they need to protect California citizens. Also, I plan to recruit and increase all police departments across the state by creating a police cadet program for high school students to encourage them to enter the police academy. The police cadet program will also ensure that cities have a police officer who lives within their town and knows the community. 

With all the school shootings, my biggest fear is that one day, I receive a call that my wife's school has an active shooter. That is why, once elected, I plan to create policies to ensure that all schools have one armed police officer on duty to protect our most vulnerable (children and teachers). Finally, I plan to work with business owners to create a private green light camera project throughout the state. This project will be funded by companies that will stream a live camera from the company to the police headquarters. The cameras will provide deterrence from robberies and footage so that criminals can be prosecuted. 

I plan to work with the public safety committee to ensure that sentences are fair, regardless of race or gender. Ensuring reasonable punishment will allow citizens to trust the public safety system. 

I plan to review 50% of all prisons in California and work to transition the prison system to a Switzerland prison model. Prison should be safe and trauma-informed, and education programs, federal wage employment, and safe food. Individuals should not be in a hyper ghetto and placed in a concentration camp and be expected to be rehabilitated. The public safety department is attempting to rehabilitate inmates after they return to prison. To indeed decrease inmates from returning to prison, we must provide rehabilitation while they are in jail. 

Project Impact

Many Californians have experienced their loved ones spending countless years incarcerated only to return home without any savings, skills, or housing. Project Impact will allow incarcerated individuals to be employed by a California farm with federal wages. The wages that the individuals obtain will enable them to provide 40% of their wages to their family (children and husband/wife) to continue the standard of living during the time of the individual's incarceration. Also, the individual must save 20% of their earnings (which will ensure they can come home with savings and obtain housing, a vehicle, and food). Finally, Project Impact will allow individuals to return to society with skills to utilize and support the community and empower themselves. 




I will work with small business owners in District 18 to address the significant decrease in revenue caused by theft and increased crime. I am committed to making our district safe for everyone to shop, dine, and enjoy the nightlife. If elected, I will push for a State of Emergency for Oakland, which will provide low-interest loans and tax relief. I also aim to establish a revolving loan program for small businesses and propose an Assembly Bill to reduce payroll taxes to prevent companies from leaving California. Additionally, I will advocate for the Taxpayer Protection Act to ensure that Californian citizens have a say in tax matters.


I oppose CA ACA 13 and believe that it undermines democratic principles by allowing the state to raise taxes without public input. If elected, I will fight against such policies and work to keep the people involved in the decision-making process.


Affordable housing is a fundamental human right. On my first day, I will write an Assembly bill to fund 1% to 2% permanent housing down payment assistance. This down payment assistance will be low-barrier and designed to ensure that the most vulnerable have the right to housing and wealth building.


I will work to revise SB423, which takes away cities' power to allocate affordable housing. City officials and the citizens of each city should determine the allocation of affordable housing projects within their city. More than 10% affordable housing is needed to solve the housing crisis in California, and we need bold members of the assembly like me who will fight for a 30% allocation of units for all affordable housing.


Once elected, I plan to write an assembly bill to reduce building permits for single-family homes by 98%. Also, I plan to fight for middle-class families by writing an assembly bill that taxes corporations that obtain to buy homes a one-time tax of 30%.


Education is my top priority. I will work to improve our schools by increasing funding to ensure that every student has access to a quality education. I plan to write an Assembly bill that will allocate class sizes of 15-17 students per class and teachers' salaries of $100,000 per year. The bill will help students succeed and prepare them for the future workforce.


Due to the lack of employment and living wage opportunities for young adults in California, I plan to draft an Assembly bill to bring back vocational training programs (such as plumbing, carpentry, CNA, cosmetology, IT, policing, and firefighting) in all California high schools. The bill will partner with local companies in the surrounding school area to provide employment training to our high school youth, aiming to increase the wages of the young adult workforce in the future.


On my first day in office, I will assemble a bill that would impose no state income tax on all educational workers due to our state government's failure to provide fair wages for teachers.


Furthermore, I plan to create an assembly bill that funds the MicroSociety program for 3rd to 8th graders. MicroSociety allows students to learn how to run their own society within their school, including applying for employment, creating resumes, voting for elected positions, becoming lawyers, judges, bankers, jurors, police officers, learning how to budget, and creating policy. MicroSociety teaches students how to be creative and leaders.


Finally, I promise to put our children first and always remember to allocate the appropriate funding to our children.




Donate to Andre Sandford for State Assembly District 18
I am running for State Assembly District 18 due to me and my
family being assaulted by criminals in our district.
I am running to make District 18 safe once again. Your donation will help
me create a safer community for everyone. Thank you for your support.

As a concerned citizen of District 18, creating a safer community for our families and loved ones is essential. Hosting a community safety meeting is a great way to come together and discuss ways to improve our district's safety. Contact me to schedule a meeting in your neighborhood.


We need volunteers to help spread the message of safety and change in District 18. Whether you can help with phone banking, door-to-door canvassing, or hosting a fundraising event, we would love to have you on our team. Contact us to learn more about volunteer opportunities.


Your support is crucial to our campaign's success. Every dollar counts and will help us create a safer community for everyone in District 18. Thank you for your contribution.

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